Tuesday, August 01, 2006

What's up with THIS?!?

So, I write about important stuff, spill my guts, talk about blossoming love, and tumultous relationships.... and what gets the most comments?!?! When I get a gerbil.

Let's think about this a minute here folkes.

Is it that the pathos and emotion that I write about in my daily life is just too full of...... pathos ane emotion ( :) ) that it leaves you all unable to comment?

Or is it simply that you all found my anguish at my rodent infestation so....... hillarious (how, I don't know) that now that I've purchased a tame, caged, and much cuter rodent you cannot avoid mocking me?!

It's ok. I'm strong. ANd I suppose it is a mite bit amusing that I got one, after the mouse trauma..... I actually wasn't too sure what I was going to get. First thought of a lizard but was told I'd have to feed it live crickets. Yeah. RIght. Not in this lifetime. Then the hamster, but was told that gerbils have better temperments. ANd judging how little shadow is reacting to my kids now - I'd say he (she?) has an amazing temperment! And the look on Max's face when he comes over to sniff his arm.... & put a little gerbil hand on it well - it's priceless!

(I really wanted a guinea pig, but I'm jealously guarding every inch of space I have here & the cage for a guinea pig is simply too big.)

RIght now the big thing we're dealing with is how to hold him without letting him escape. It was suggested that we take him out in the bath... which I might have to do. But I wish I had thought of getting a cage that opens on top - this little guy will scamper right up your arm and OUT given half the chance.

But I thank you all for your support (Esp. Twin Squeeks - I have a feeling I"ll be visiting your site!) and I will keep you updated on our adventures. Just because I know you all care so much.... :)

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