Thursday, August 03, 2006


So yesterday at work - at about 4:15 pm - my boss comes over with this slightly panicked look on her face: "They just called from the main buiding - there's going to be a black-out at 5:00 pm! I don't know about you guys, but I"m going home! You can go if you want to!" (She lives in the Bronx.)

So I totally went into panic mode. Grabbed my stuff & split. Called J & while sprinting to the subway we decided to meet @ Penn Station & take a Long Island Rail Road train from there. Afterall, if a person is going to get stuck in a black out isn't it better to 1) be above ground; 2) be with someone (and even better someone who won't mind - too much - if you whine and complain!).

I called X and told him what I heard. It was his night for the kids - so I told him he should leave to make sure he's home. I said that I had plans, but would keep my phone on if he needed to get in touch with me - couldn't make it home - whatever. He asked: "What plans?" I responded by reminding him that that particular subject was not really the point - and that I would try to help if I could.

But I tell you, I was in such a panic. "Gotta get there! Gotta get there!" I shut off my phone while underground "Don't want my battery to run out! DOn't want my battery to run out!" Got extra cash after buying my train ticket: "ATM's might be down later! ATMs might be down later!" It was crazy. (And ok, the fact that I had a pulled muscle in my back and PMS cramps, and that it was 100 degrees certainly did not help matters.)

So, get to Forest Hills fine. No worries. And, actually got back in the same amount of time as it would have taken me if I stayed on the same subway train the whole time. Amazing!

Went out for dinner w/J & met his sister. I liked her very much - but then I totally knew I would. I actually wasn't even nervous about it... it seemed so natural...

But - big step - meeting the sister... it's nearly five months you know, guys. Remember back on Yahoo 360: From March 9th:

Maybe I should just date myself... Or crack myself up -- which I actually do on a fairly regular basis.... So I switched the dates. My Saturday night date with mask man has been switched to Friday - and I'm going to be going out with Fun Wednesday Night Date Saturday. I'm not even sure WHY I am going out with Mask man - except for the fact that I told him I would. I'm totally psyched about the
2nd date with Fun Wednesday NIght Date... Then I have a lunch date with
another guy on Tuesday. ANd, at this point - all I really want to do is just
go out with Fun Wednesday NIght Date again. It was THAT good...


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