Friday, August 04, 2006

My Eyes Hurt

It's so cool - I don't have work today. I don't have anything, so I can sleep late, snuggle in the covers, and just relax and enjoy my time to myself.... ahhhh...

"MOOOOOOMMMMMMMM!!!! Come here! I want my cars!!!!"


Ok, well part of it was true. I do have off today. But I probably thought I had off on another planet or something because we all know this: Are we ever "off" when the kids are there?

(And as an aside, I actually feel funny complaining about this now, because a funny perk of being divorced is I actually DO have kid free time... so I do get the kid free moments that I know others of you have to scramble for. Ok, the times when I do have them I'm the only one to do it - but actually it was that way before - so not so drastically different. And is this the longest "aside" you've ever read? It could be its' own blog post. I could write a blog post called "aside" and just refer you to it... Or I could call it "Tangents: How to Enjoy and Relish them - for they Truly are Your Friends"(

(Oooh! One more aside: My kids are now quietly sitting on the couch, right next to each other, with their heade leaning on each other.... how long do you think it'll last? THink if I got a camera it would spoil the moment? Yeah. Probably."

SO ANYHOW - Max comes in my room at 4 am, gets into my bed, and starts complaining that it's too hot. I send him into the living room to sleep on the couch. (Main AC in living room; since this is an apartment it's usually enough to cool the whole place... but this heat wave is just too darn hot!) Then at 5 am "MOM!" It was Nathan. I go into the room. "Mom! You put away all my Hotwheel cars! Where are they!?!? Get them!!"

The "You're fuckin' crazy" was really only said in my head. I promise. I did NOT say that aloud to him. BUT, I did explain that it's still night time, and that I am going back to sleep, and that I would get his cars later.

The poor lad. He was just inconsolable. Imagine such a mean, mean, horrible mother - who won't pick out all the Hot Wheel cars from a drawer full of cars at 5:00 am?!? Any mother would be there, showered, dressed, and smiling....

I left him there screaming and went back to my bed. But then I hear "mom?" from the other room. "Mom, Nathan's scaring me."

So, we're all up. 5:15 am.

We all pile into my bed. Max gets too hot and goes back to the living room - but soon comes running back. "Mom! I look outside and its red. Then I look around and everything is red! I'm scared!"

Nathan goes: "Max, come in here! It's not red in here! Really Max - it's ok in here. Mommy's here!" So Max comes in and we all cuddle in the bed.

So maybe losing that bit of sleep was worth it.

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